Warehouse & Distribution

Warehouse & Distribution

Solution Centred Approach For Logistic Management

E-commerce, telecommunication, retail, textile, food, spare parts, chemistry, with the use of piece and parcel sorter, conveyor and parcel / pallet elevator systems, in order to meet the needs of our customers in the fastest and most complete way, with the sensitivity we show in meeting customer needs, with our solution partner approach. We offer free and bonded storage, distribution and customs clearance services to our customers in different sectors such as pesticides.

Warehouse Solutions Are Listed Below;

  • We perform order management with the management system, ensure complete shipment with inventory control, and fulfill the customer’s demands completely.
  •  Thanks to our wide service and agency network, we produce company-specific services that can change according to the wishes of our customers within the framework of the warehouse regime.
  • With our digital infrastructure, we provide product tracking in every volume from parcel to pallet, product tracking with barcode and hand terminal, and instant sharing of delivery information.
  • Customized Storage Solutions
  • Storage of products in suitable conditions according to their characteristics
  • Electronic tracking of all stock management services from the first entry to the warehouse to the shipment
  • Stock validation with weekly-monthly counts
  • Operation with KPI and Scorecards
  • Automated solutions customized to customer needs
  • Inhouse enhanced warehouse management system
  • High service quality
  • Pick to Light, Pick by Voice, RF Guided Picking
  • Online trace and tracking system
  • Just-In-Time shipments
  • Stock management service of BGL personnel at customers’ factories and/or assembly facilities
  • Preparation and shipment of orders on a unit basis, parcel basis and pallet basis
  • Zero stock loss with System Management
  • Spare parts stock management and shipping
  • Procedures, reports, blocking operations for damaged-lost materials
  • Empty case/pallet management sent by customers and suppliers
  • Integration with interface between Barsis Stock Management Software and customer software, providing simultaneous information flow
  • Special rack systems, assembly benches design and PDI service according to customer needs

Distribution Solutions;

We combine order processing with distribution services that handle the last leg of your supply chain to achieve a smooth, streamlined execution We can deliver products by cargo (Less than Truck Load) or courier service (packages).

Distribution services

  • Container transportation service from all domestic production points to all ports of Turkey
  • Complete and partial distribution service between domestic factories, warehouses and dealers
  • Special project and heavy tonnage shipments

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