Combined Transport

Combined Transport

Solution Centred Approach For Logistic Management

We, Pinea Logisticc use combined transportation to offer our csutomers most beneficial transportaion results for their goods. Combined transportation system contains all of ocean, air and road freights. Combined trasportation includes different combines such as;

AIRPLANE+plane; It is a form of transport by plane from one place to another, and from there to the delivery place. Compared to the direct aircraft service, it is a slightly longer transit time but cheaper service.

TRAILER + AIRCRAFT ; Goods going by road are transported from here to their destination by the most reliable airlines. It is an alternative mode of transportation between direct aircraft and ship transportation in terms of both cost and time.

TIR+SHIP; This service, which is carried out first by land transportation and then by ship from ports, is generally used for partial container transportation and destination ports that do not have frequent ship departures from Turkey. Attractive transit times and costs can be created compared to direct ships and other modes of transport.

AIRPLANE+SHIP; This service, which is provided by ship to the transfer point and by plane after the transfer point, is faster and more frequent than the direct ship service and more economical than direct air transport.

We work detail on transportation proceses we detaily plan the ways in order to most benefit according to both for cost and time.  Special transportation systems can be created according to the logistics needs of our importers and exporters by bringing together very different combinations of classical transportation modes such as Air, Land, Sea, and Railroad by our expert team.

Advantages of combined transportation system are listed below;

  • It makes the transport process safer and less costly.
  • It is possible to minimize the additional costs and tolls incurred in road transport.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced.
  • Different products can be combined and consolidated.
  • Different transport modes are optimized and transport is carried out as a whole.
  • The flexible distribution possibilities of road transport are utilized.
  • While the need for personnel and vehicles is reduced, costs are reduced.
  • It contributes to the reduction of traffic density.



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