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Mission; to add value to customers and employees by proactive approach and perfectionist mind, through total commitment to ethic rules, merit and competency.

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Pinea Logistics
About Pinea

Pinea focuses on results

Pinea Logistics was established by experienced logistics experts whom have hailed from global freight forwarders with a combined experience of over 55 years.

The company name derives from pinus pinea which grows in hard conditions for long years and gives life to the environment.

The company collaborates with WCA member agents globally. With over 9,356 member offices in 194 countries around the world, WCA is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders.

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Pinea provides logistics services in 194 countries via WCA members in all over the world.
Container yard which is located 17 km near Izmir Port.
Total capacity of bonded and non bonded warehouse in Izmir Turkey.

We provide unrivaled warehousing and distribution solutions

We provide warehouse and distribution services with our experienced service providers.

The facility has 5,000 m² bonded warehouse and 5,000 m² non bonded area.

We also proceed container shipments via our container yard. We have ability to provide customers flexibility about cut off dates, detention and storage costs.

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10000m 2
Total warehouse capacity bonded, non bonded, temperature controlled.
Total warehouse capacity as container yard